Are you planning a wardrobe overhaul? Moving homes? Dropped a couple of dress sizes? Clothes shrink a couple of sizes? Spring cleaning and need to de-clutter? Bought clothes or accessories you now realize you cannot wear or have only braved a couple of times? Or are you just moved to give out stuff you really don’t need for a good cause? You may want to read on and get onboard with Thrifty Slayer.

Here’s how it works – you donate your un-used, almost new and gently used clothes, fashion accessories, household goods, collectibles,books and other sundries and they are put up on the Thrifty Slayer website in return for matching cash donations/contributions which fund our humanitarian work and empowerment programmes for target populations. Thrifty Slayer makes every effort to raise the greatest amount possible from your donations to fund our work and alleviate the suffering of the needy.A perfect win/win situation.

Your donations make our work possible. When you donate to Thrifty Slayer:

  • Your pre-loved items find their way into another loving relationship
  • You are providing some assistance to people who struggle to meet their basic needs.
  • You are working with thousands of others to reach more people in and around our community than you ever could as an individual.

Your donation of quality clothing and other items could be made at any of our convenient drop-off locations. Alternatively, you may simply call 0818 930 1530 to schedule a pick–up or if you prefer to schedule a pick-up online.

Even though we appreciate the thought, Thrifty Slayer is unable to accept certain items. These include:

  • Torn/old/stained/dis-used clothing or items
  • Incomplete/broken/illegal/unsafe or non-functional items
  • Food or perishable goods (with or without expiration dates)
  • Hazardous materials

You may seek further clarification on the above or for items not specifically mentioned by calling 0818 930 1530 or email to